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We are those who:

Will become your guide to 100% autonomy

Will be your answer to ALL questions

Will introduce you to products
that are completely harmless to your body

Will empower and assist you
in achieving all of your dreams and goals

Our mission

Do you think it will be hard?

Then here's my story

I was born in Moldova.
When my son was only 1.5 years old
and my daughter was just half a year old,
I found myself completely alone.

I worked tirelessly to support my children,
rented an apartment, but faced constant darkness.
I was exhausted and unable to find joy in life.

A glimmer of hope ignited within me
as I stumbled upon an advertisement
seeking workers in England.
This, I thought, could be my chance
for a fresh start.

However, upon arriving in a foreign land
where I lacked friends, acquaintances,
and fluency in the language,
my hopes were dashed
as I discovered the promised opportunity
was nowhere to be found.

After some time, I met my future husband,
and together we built a large,
loving family with five children.

Despite our best efforts, our income grew
while debts mounted, pushing my husband
and me to work tirelessly to support our family.

In April 2019, I joined Essens.
It empowered me to work on my own terms,
wherever and whenever I desired,
allocating time to generate extra income
and speed up my loan repayments.

Presently, I enjoy an additional income stream of
≈ £4,000 monthly and more!

As a result:
I paid off all my loans
I started travel more
I get to have more time with my family
I started my own online business
and became financially independent

Do you want this too?

This is what you get when you join us.

In our business, there is a free registration,
and many begin with a starter kit priced at just £26.

• After registration, you get a personal mentor
who guides you through all the necessary steps

• You get access to your own personal online store
and business account

You get access to our closed team chats,
where we help and support each other

• You get access to private lessons,
where you learn how to build the business

Bonuses and discounts
for employees from the company

• You will to save up 20 %
on catalogue prices on all productions

• Cashback 20 %
when turnover conditions are met

• Total discount up to 40 %

Free delivery
when turnover conditions are met

The company has a marketing strategy,
check it out and find out
how to get a car from the company
and even more bonuses

Select the language that is convenient for you

With us, starting a business is not only simple,
but also learning to run it effectively becomes easy.

To get started, select your country

Join us now in 1 click, go through a quick registration
and become your first own client with a discount to feel the full extent and quality of products and start earning

One click - Infinity possibilities

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ESSENS is one of the most influential
and productive companies in the World.

All of the company’s products are manufactured to high standards of quality and natural ingredients, so ESSENS is not afraid to show all sides of the processes and stages of production, which inspires trust among its customers.

All ESSENS products are:

∙ Vegan

∙ Dermatologically tasted

∙ Hypoallergenic

∙ Not tasted on animals

To the store


The most important feature of the company
is that we are not employees for them,
but partners, so they sincerely care
about us as themselves.

The most important feature of the company is that we are not employees for them,
but partners, so they sincerely care
about us as themselves.

Therefore, they very carefully create products not to their taste, but to Ours!

Me, you, your friends, family and your future clients.

Large selection of products


A huge assortment of men's and women's perfumes for every taste, IMPORTANT
is that the perfumes contain 20% essence, which is why our perfumes have the Ilite level


The line of unique luxury perfumes Blanc is a symbol of elegance, eternity and purity.


Unique fragrances containing 20% fragrant essences embody natural beauty and elegance.
A unique personality deserves a unique perfume.


Luxury Noir perfumes contain 20% aromatic essences
in an elegant bottle that captivates with its lasting aroma,
attracts attention and emphasizes the individuality of the one who wears it.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries
due to its beneficial effects of natural components.


Niche are the main pillars of the 20% niche perfumes, which represent the absolute pinnacle
of the art of perfumery, thanks to Tradition,
mastery of the production process and precious ingredients.


Colostrum is used in nutritional supplements and cosmetics because it contains
all the necessary antibodies to protect mammals in the first weeks of life.


Premium cosmetics for the skin make maximum use of the properties
of colostrum and provide the skin with non-standard care.


Lactoferrin harnesses the positive properties of a multifunctional protein
that is naturally found in the body and is part of the innate immune system.

Home Pharmacy

Home Pharmacy's rich range of nutritional supplements containing
natural active ingredients has been developed under pharmaceutical control.

Must Have Edition

The line of unique luxury perfumeWith the support of an excellent team of make-up artists, absolutely perfect premium quality
decorative cosmetics have been created with a carefully selected range.s Blanc is a symbol of elegance, eternity and purity.

Slow Living

The harmonious Slow Living product line promotes ideal relaxation
and a smoother, healthier and happier life.


A dietary supplement containing 16 probiotic cultures in the amount
of 35 billion in one capsule, which is essential for our body


You can always take the gel cocktail with you and remember
to get
the right and important portion of vitamins with ease.

Hand & Foot care

Moisturizing creams for hands and feet provide exceptional care
and protection of the skin from external influences.

Home Perfume

Refreshing and light aromas easily fill your home.

Home Clean

High efficiency, financial savings, quality and practicality, as well as environmental
friendliness, these will be the Key advantages of environmental detergents for the home


The ESSENS Keto protein diet protects muscle tissue and supplies the body
with all the necessary substances and is a weight loss system that allows you to quickly,
effectively and permanently lose weight.

Sun Care

The Sun Care line of products provides protection against UV factors and culturing
components and offers protection against UVA and UVB radiation with the utmost
emphasis on quality and adherence to modern trends.

If you register as a partner,
you can give yourself a discount
and buy goods for almost half the price



During lock-down, I searched online for extra income
and a little distraction. I never thought about working online before, even though I was offered the opportunity 15 years ago. What attracted me to our company was its quality products and excellent working conditions.
I'm grateful for my mentor, Irina, who patiently teaches us from scratch and always lends a helping hand,
no matter how busy she is.
Thank you, Irina, for being so supportive and kind-hearted.


2 years in project

Hello, my name is Marta.
I'm from Latvia, but I've been living in England for 12 years.
I work at a factory, my work is not hard as there
is no physical activity involved, but I surely do get mentally tired! I came to Essensin October 2019,began as a consumer, as I , like many of us, am a fragrance maniac.
Together with Irina Pucicova, I began my development
on the Internet! I have always dreamed of becoming a free person, being independent from work, which is what I am striving for now. During the time that I have been here,
my thinking positively changed and I made many friends. Thanks to Irina,
I was able to overcome many of my fears.


4 years in project

My name is Julia.
I have lived my entire life in Latvia.
From the age of 12 I worked tirelessly, helping my grandmother, who raised me, and my sister.
I always dreamed of working for myself.
Three years ago I met Irina, I saw one of her lives
and was intrigued. After 2 weeks I decided to register
in the company and try out the products for myself...
I loved the products, my mentor Irina told me all about
the company, and I got encouraged to start earning.
Whilst being on maternity leave, I have set myself goal
to learn about online business operating.
I overcame my fears and became a LEADER,
closed the first marketing plan 28%,
and twice received an invitation to Turkey trip
from the company.


3 years in project

My name is Tatyana and I have been with Infinity
for 3 years!
I thank fate for giving me the opportunity to earn money with this company, because thanks to it, I was able to realize many your dreams into reality!
Got out of debt, I travelled and realized many
of my plans thanks to Infinity!
Thank you Irina for your constant supportand help
in my development.


3 years in project

I've been with Infinity for a little over a year now.
First I came for the product, as I like to prevent rather
than cure any illness. By education, I am a medical worker Got good results after using our productsand it was no longer possible to stop me.
Recommended to everyone!
Later I realized that I can build a business here
and began to develop my team of future Leaders.
During this period, I changed a lot, both internally
and externally. For me, Infinity is a great development
and transformation. There are opportunities for a quality life,  communication between like-minded people, travels, recognition, gifts.
I have a permanent life with the Infinity Time team. The morning begins with wonderful words of encouragement from the team.
There is always training in the evening.
My sponsor Irina Pucicova is there to help anytime
I felt great strength in myself and now want to become
a Leader and achieve more.
With the company this is possible and real!


>1 year in project

Popular questions

How long do I need to work to earn my first money?

You can earn your first money immediately after registration,
due to the fact that you will immediately have
a discount on a large number of products

What if I register and don't sell anything in a month?

To prevent inactive accounts from loading the database,
after a month of inactivity the account is deleted
and you need to register again

How much will I earn if I register a friend using my link and he sells the product?

When a person who registered using your link makes a purchase,
then you are awarded a percentage of his purchase,
and if he register people through his link,
this also gives you a percentage of his percentage.

Is there any limit to earnings?

This is the beauty of partnering with us, there are no limits
on earnings, neither per month, nor per year, nor in life!

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